Take a chance on crafts!

Hi! I´m glad you bumped into Vang!

This is a blog devoted to what creativity and curiousity makes me do. Sometimes it makes me produce nice useful crafts, others it only reaches the experiment stage. You will not find a hint of technique or theory – sorry! but lots of inspiring stuff.


Many people feel they´re banned from DIY and creativity because one day they failed to copy a painting, a clay doll, a photo frame, an origami bird at school. It might also be that they believe themselves unable to follow some steps, too anxious to wait for the glue to dry… Have you realised how much have your body and mind changed since schooldays? Anyway, is copying really fun and interesting?

So what are you waiting for to try your own refined tools? Make peace with your hands and give crafts a second chance. The WWW has plenty of sites offering tutorials to make your own version of this an that. On the contrary, what you are opposite to is challenge!!

I´ll share with you finished projects and explain how I made them, but keeping in mind that there are many other ways to do it -as good or even better than mine, what other variations crossed my mind during the process, how much I enjoyed the “making” – whatever it ended up being. There will be times when the result is absolutely weird and indescribable! That´s time to do some thinking and imagine what pupose could it serve. Besides, there will be many more times when something cute or stimulating turns up: a photography, a colourfully patterned coffee take-away paper cup, bottle and pen tops… wait: PEN TOPS STIMULATING???

Just loose your creativity and don´t label yourself as nuts if you find your tiny bedroom filled with these -otherwise – waste little things. You know they´ll be useful for one purpose or another!

Grab some of these, glue or needle + thread and get started! Your hands – your tools

Thank you for reading Vang´s first post and feel very welcome!

btw: I am not an English-native speaker. Forgive me if any mistake pops up.