Burger Purse

Ain´t cute?

Burger purse

I firstly saw a burger purse at one of my besties home. I didn´t waste time asking her how she had made it, or even if she actually made it! It might be a present. It was a long while until I started wondering where I have seen a fake burger before? I at once thought about the toy cookers or toy restaurants we had at school as children. Cool! But they´re usually too small or made of too hard plastic.
I eventually bumped into the pet section. It´s full of plastic-made toys ready to be biten and chewed by our lovely pups. Some are pigs, others chicken-breast, I even found a flip-flop one…and then……HAMBURGERS!!! yeah! Fair enough! I bought one stright off.

See my solution inside out:

I took a cutter and cutted it in halves. Then I had to figure out how to keep the halves together so it becomes a purse!! Options?
You might have a smaller purse which fits inside. Then it would be a good idea just to glue or sew it, and conceive the burger as a funny cover.
Or you can follow and develop my idea: I decided to sew a yellow zip (that´s just a purely esthetic choice. It can make cheese! choose a brown one for burger, green for lettuce or a random colour if you don´t really mind.)
It´s not as easy as it seems because the burger toy is not really round! A powerful glue together with some patience must work as well.


I did not know how to manage with the hole in the bottom of the toy. Let´s say it´s the burger´s belly button!!!
There used to be a piece of plastic stuff which made a funny noise. I put it away but then a hole a turned up. So as if it were a wound I gave it some stitches. Some suggested that I could have added some fabric, or leave the plastic piece. Up to you!

Burger´s Navel

Thank you for seeing and hope you´ll soon have your own super tasty burger purse.



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