Throw away that pic, plz!


My friend Patricia has a habit of living far away – When it is not 200Km far it is 2,000. What amazes me is that the further she goes the scarcer her luggage is. Anyway, as an artist, her bedrooms are always full of amazing stuff she collects in the new town or city, but there´s something a migrant´s wall always has hung in: pictures! I had realised that she was consistently carrying the same old pic of us – in our late teens, with our messy hair and outrageous clothes, plus faking that she was being murdered by me with pre-school scissors.

Last August, as she was on the verge of moving once again, I decided that that picture was not going to travel again! So I chose a nice updated pic of us and decided to create a frame for it.

A frame! sounds easy! yeah… in fact it was not. There were some points to bear in mind:

1st. It had to be LIGHT and SMALL. This way she wouldn´t have an excuse for not putting it into her suitcase and leaving it in our hometown.
2nd. It had to be something NICE: Something you can look at and don´t feel embarrassed! So to speak, felt-pen coloured glued pasta was banned.
3rd. It had to be for FREE: I was so short of money that buying cardboard or any proper material was out of question.

I went on holiday with my family in the mountains. One day we were having picnic in the shade of some trees at Santa María de Iguácel church – which is in the middle of nothing but nature.


I was walking around the cute building, taking pics, when I realised how many dry thin tree branches were lying on the ground.
I gathered 10 or 12, plus a few pinecones – who knows what they can be used for one day.
Back home I just had to smooth the surface with sandpaper, remove some sharp parts of the branches with a cutter and shape a frame with the help of glue and thread/cord.

I still have to make sure that it´s hung in her new bedroom´s wall. I must pay her a visit soon!