Badge yourself

Everyone under 20 has badges! They look great on our backpacks, our jackets, our bags, our caps, our our our… The problem comes when you really want a very special badge that seems to be impossible to find.

What are our possibilities?

Badges are made with a badge maker (oh, really?) or a toy one for children. You may want to invest on one of those if you want tons of badges – merchandising for you team, your band, your club maybe?

But I only need one badge – one I reeeeeeally want to have right now!! Then have a look at this:


They don´t look exactly professional but the more you make the better they look – practising is always the key!

I suppose you (as I do) have some badges you don´t use any more, or that you don´t like as much as you used to, or might be scratched too… THAT´S EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED!!!

Keep on hand these old badges, some new desings (they can be from magazines, printed from computer, your own drawings), scissors, a pencil and liquid glue or latex.

This is difficult to explain with words but easy to understand visually:

1st: Place your old badge on your design and mark softly with a pencil its outline (pink here). Then imagine an outer circle and cut tassels (the more you make the better your badge will look)


2nd: Stick the design to the frontside of your old badge and —THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT—> let it dry.

3rd: Now turn it down. WARNING! At this stage your fingers may end up sticked together with glue if you don´t use something to help such as a pen, but it´s fun! Cover the tassels with glue and bend them until they get glued to the badge. You can do this twice, with half the tassels each time and less glue. I spread a bit of glue on top of everything to seal and as a means of varnish too.


If you´re reeeeally having a crave for the badge of your dreams and don´t have the time to do this, there´s always a B plan! Check out!

chikitoNo excuse!



Pdt: the “I´m not a nugget” design was borrowed from PETA.