See yous soon!

I look up to these who can say goodbye naturally, withouth showing too much emotion or, in some cases, exposing yourself utterly faking. Anyway, the goodbye moment comes sooner or later and I am never ready to speak. That´s why I make cards.

These are the goodbye cards I created for my international family when I was to leave after an awesome semester with them.

Collages are not as easy as they pretend to be, really. You never find the letter missing in your friend´s name, or the piece of paper you´ve cut for the bottom layer is suddenly too small, it doesn´t fit somehow… It´s a trade that takes time to master, as everything! But don´t worry, it´s fun and the result tends to be always satisfying. In case you need some theory, check this out. After some practice you may create masterpieces as an artist who was my technical drawing teacher once, Ignacio Mayayo. I especially like this one.

Before starting you´ll need TONS of newspapers, leaflets, magazines…absolutely anything! And eventually you will find that one of your drawers is stuck with too much stuff for collages, heheh! Grab your scissors, your glue stick and let´s do it!!!
I first scan all my material trying to find shapes and colours that suit my friend´s character. If you want to write something you may also search for the letters at this stage.
Then I cut and put shapes in order, as if it were a puzzle. You can make layers of paper, holes… and finally you can add some details with pens, as I did here:
pen detail
On the left I joined some of the things the boy liked with the headphones wire, and turned a button into a smiley. On the right I just shaded some areas to make the collage visually nicer.

When the sad moment came I handed the cards out, filled with words that I wasn´t able to say, and gave hugs!!!

More recently I have sort of upgraded collages by sticking lace, ribbon, strings…

I hope you enjoyed this and now feel like making your own card.

Mind you, “see youS” is wrong everywhere but in Northern Ireland. They say that instead of “you guys”.

Thank you for seeing.