A conquest plan

Sight is powerful – it makes us feel all sorts of things thanks to light, shade, shape, colour, contrast… Some find it pleasant to see a landscape or a pretty face, some others a nice painting, some even a Harley Davidson. Yeah, just put your eyes on anything and let it seduce you! One of these things that I like just seeing are handbags and shoes. Shoes must be awfully difficult to craft, but when I saw a nice bag I would think “I will copy it as soon as I arrive at home!” And that´s exactly what I used to do. Next morning = new handbag.

I took sewing up over 7 years ago, beginning with a useless handbag of fake suede. I would took a piece of fabric from a worn pair of jeans, sweaters, forgotten old bags and tried to give them a new life in the shape of a new handbag, but at the end they all seemed useless. Broken zips, too small openings, and weak handles became classics. I was kind of frustrated because I was putting so much effort into sewing (with my very fingers, btw) and eventually the results were too embarrassing to go across my house´s gate.

Why was that? easy: TOO MUCH IMPATIENCE!!

At some point I realised how impatient I am. Impatience urges me to start projects immediately and get absolutely focused on them, and that´s not so bad. However, the previous rational thinking is missing and as a result we end up with non-sense outcomes -whatever the matter. That´s why I decided to overcome my wild impatience by training first in crafts. Arduous task it was, but worthy. Here is the result of the first test. Let me introduce you my record bag!

5 years ago I saw this bag by Calachuchi and…fell inevitably in love. Luckily I didn´t have any record that I could break and burn and so on – and for the first time since A-Levels I took a creative task EASY. This was going to be a long-term love conquest.

I spent long months thinking the idea over. The bag by Calachuchi is cute but quite inconvenient for a number of things you discover if you pay it a closer look. I needed a long handle/strap, a way to close it and to make it waterproof too.

Then I happened to be in this place volunteering at Emmaus where I found a container full to bursting with records!!
Thought not to be very appealing, they were going to be thrown away, so I grabbed 6 or 7 as raw material for my future record bag – well, I keep the Fats Domino´s one for god. Too good to be disgraced!

I took the challenge seriously and thought of crafts as if it were architecture. Imagine that lives depend on how well a building structure is planned, the materials chosen and so on. 2 Years later that´s what I had – the plan!!

Now I only had to follow it! I must confess that a few hitches turned up… but in general it went smooth. See a summary of the process:

I tend to be humble but this time it´s unavoidable – my bag is AWESOME!!!! A girl in a tavern asked me a few months ago if I had bought it in London (What the heck?)

The important thing here is that I am proud to say that I MANAGED!
I kept impatience under control and developed the idea step by step. I hope this story helps you too, impatient pal; or inspire you guys to take action to overcome other problems you may have when facing your life projects.

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for seeing!



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