Iron the crayon

Guess what´s this!


Alright you cheaters, ignore the post title…

Anyway, have you ever seen one of these before? Awesome, isn´t it? The stars of Nursery School let us do something else apart from teaching us how to keep within the drawing borders. I had never been too close to these colourful oily friends – I am more of a colour pencil girl, but crayons are great for sketching, trying colour combinations and so on; that´s why I still have some at home.

When I saw a melted crayon canvass for the first time I got amazed and started thinking of how many other possibilities could be out there waiting for the crayons! If you do some research you will find gorgeous stuff indeed. Especially this one caught my attention. The possibility of creating translucid surfaces with ironed crayon gave me the idea of making a fake stained glass window at some point in future.

The traditional way would have been to collect the materials listed in the tutorial and follow the steps, right copying the artists´ work. Maybe because we, people in general, hate uncertainity and unconventionalities make us feel anxious, we tend to expect that what we do must have an expected result. If we end up with something different we call it trash.

Taking the alternative path, I looked around and checked what stuff I had at hand to experiment.
I found my crayons, some waste paper of adhesive dust jacket for books, our old hair straightener (yes, one of those that makes your hair look like pure straw.), and…oh yes, a sharpener too.

I cut the waste paper in pieces big enough to be folded and sharpened some crayons on it. Then I closed the “folder” and ironed it.
! Mind you, the crayon can suddenly get liquid and leak, and consecuently touch your skin and eventually burn you! be careful, please. I have never had any broken leg or anything thought to be awfully painful, but I have had burns and scalds enough times to know that it´s no fun. What is more, it can be easily a serious injury and need antibiotics.

Plastidecor caliente (1)
It dries up quickly and becomes a very thin colourful layer of wax. I opened slowly the folder with one of its sides resting on the table and voilà!!!!
Then the BIG question arose: where and how on earth can they be kept in a piece?
Dunno yet, but what I did was to iron them onto regular sheets of paper. It seemed a good idea but this time, when the wax dried up, it cracked!!!

Frustrated, I removed all the wax – I don´t want to have crumbly confetti all around my place – but, to my amazement…

: ) a beautifully patterned piece of paper was behind!!!

I hope you feel less afraid of weird outcomes after reading this. Weird doesn´t mean neither bad nor wrong, does it?

Thanks for seeing,


btw – WEIRD adjective (informal) Very strange and unusual, and difficult to understand or explain.


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