Crixus the Gaul

You must have heard something about these guys who live in a Ludus in Capua – they spend the whole day training with their swords and spears, healing their wounds, under the leadership of the Doctore. This bunch of gladiators make us suffer and worry so much about them…
Anyway, we don´t know if they feel any pain when waxing their chests. Apparently their skin is as thick as bark wood. It seems that it´s like a whale skin, like an isolating layer of shiny foam rubber. It doesn´t matter wheter the sun sets it on fire or it snows heavily, they are always almost naked! But there´s something some of them can´t take off – necklaces.

I have never really enjoyed violent stuff loaded with blood, but this series has some features that attracted my attention: a comic-like look, the way in which English embraces both profanities and beautifully meaningful speeches, also the fact that it encouraged Óscar to do some research on the subject and learn more about the Roman Empire (so that he could later tell me about his discoveries for hours!), and finally the unavoidable feeling in our guts reminding us about their fate – no happy end can be expected.


Well, I found in Óscar a heir for Crixus´ necklace.

Both of them have matured and changed so much since I first meet them (so to speak, right?). Crixus was a fool who fell in with his oppressors. He later understood what a hopelessly miserable future it meant and became one of the leaders of Spartacus revolution. Óscar hasn´t gone so far! but in a way he set himself loose too.

There are some Crixus´ sterling silver necklaces on sale for 100 – 200€, just in case you can afford one.
I looked for as many pictures as I could of the necklace but there are just a few. I wasn´t sure what it is made of originally and, most importantly, how it is fastened. So that I had to make it up!

I modelled the bird heads and beads with polymer clay, added some wire for thinner details, and choosed leather-like string for the braid.
Crixus (3)

Despite the fact that it took me three attempts to model the birds, their beaks are still too weak.
Crixus (2)

The result reminds me of the original – which is more than enough for me. And what is better, I had fun making it and Óscar got a huge surprise. Who on earth expects Crixus´necklace to be in a gift box?

Thank you for seeing.



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