Paint in the Wild

Last may I decided to pack some stuff in a rucksack, borrow my auntie´s camping basics and jump into a singer-songwriter´s van with a couple of friends. 2 hours or so later we arrived in Bronchales, the highest village in Spain.

Our friend, instructor and artist Laura Mesones was to run a Nature and Art Festival in which music jam sessions in the meadows, climbing, photography rallies and outdoor painting among much more took place.

I had just 2 little canvasses along with some low-quality acrylics, plus a huuuuge bottle of purple acrylic that I bought once upon a time, who knows exactly why. This bottle had been hanging about my house, from this wardrobe to that drawer… You know? It´s purple. A rare colour which is not worth mixing, unless you are looking for that undescribable thing between brown and green. Anyway, I had never painted outdoors before.

I usually plan what I am going to spoil a canvass for carefully. I make sketches on paper, I use charcoal to guide myself… This time I only had paint and brushes. It was sunny, though the wind was carrying a few clouds here and there. That is why the shades and the light were changing constantly. Plus some dogs jumped over us and messed one or two paintings up. It was precisely the wind  the one who blew some dog´s hair which eventually got stuck in my canvass´still wet paint.

It was a huge step, so obliguing myself to use the lone purple  once and for all wouldn´t make so much difference, uhu? I created a rule: purple is the new black.  First attempt:



I still had a small canvass for the next morning but I was by no means satisfied with my first painting, so I tried to look around for inspiration while other activities took place.

At night  we spend about 5 hours jamming, in the middle of nowhere, with some guitars, basses, drums and  musical gadgets I had never imagined to exist. I was too tired to enjoy and it was  freezing (2ºC, I bet) but I kept myself awake long enough to see this:

V2013-05-12-544After the frosty and wild small hours dawn broke suddenly. The view was as magical as creepy and the gothic atmosphere reminded me of these Romanticism Masterpieces of Friedrich.

Within an hour, but not before my energies resurrected and made me play drums, we went to our tents and slept as much as the cold and the chirruping birds permitted. When the second painting session started I was stubbornly decided to paint the daybreak, of course, in purple:


A little beauty, isn´t it?

I commited a mistake painting the trees´shadows (they all must cast shadows to the same direction, mustn´t they?). Somebody noticed  and told me but I had already cleaned my brushes. Nevermind! What I have fingers for?

During the rest of the day, taking pictures, purple started to reveal itself. It might be that purple was making its peace with me – check out!

V1So what do we learn ? Sometimes we are too afraid or too apathetic to do something. Then we can look at it as a game, just a silly game, so that it doesn´t seem so serious, threatening or worthless. This time I just used purple instead of black, but it can be anything else.

Change salt for pepper and herbs on palindrome dates if you have to cut down on salty food; say a compliment to your flatmates or family as soon as you see a red car on TV if you want less quarrels at home… Really, it can be anything! Once you dare to do it, although that´s just a game, it becomes easier and easier.

Nobody should give up playing games


Thanks for seeing!



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