I must have forgotten to tell you guys, but I´m Ms Forgetful.

My sister is able to remember anecdotes of the age she was 4 or 5 in such a detail that sometimes I think she pulls my leg – she always complains that she can´t remember notes and lessons so well.  In contrast, I barely remember anything before I was 9.

It became tedious as I wasn´t able to tell about my trips and journeys once I was back at home again. First I think I took a train…was it? humm… it could have been a bus. Yeah, well, then I got to a town called…  nevermind, it was so charming, with its small churches built in theee…. some century??.

As I started to go on trips more and more often I decided to take steps by taking something quite cheesy up: travelogue!

You may have heard of these awesome men and women of past times who, during their travels and expeditions, used to write their feelings and experiences in yellowish notebooks. It all started with an alike notebook I got for free as merchandising of a drink and with my first volunteering experience abroad.

It´s pretty easy to write facts, names of places and other relevant information about your whereabouts and the people you meet around.  The problem is that this is a Trip diary, and  the last thing we want to do is to waste our time writing what has just happened instead of hanging out and enjoying ourselves, don´t we? We are short of time visiting this and tasting that, and here is where our creativity must play a role and save us time!

Here you get some examples, but I am sure you will find your own ones too:

Drawing instead of giving a fully detailed description


 Sticking tickets and flyers


Cutting and pasting maps


Collecting flowers and plants


Some time later I realised that it is even better for exercising my memory to write 2 or 3 days afterwards, so that I have to rack my brains even harder. Sometimes I need to ask my companions about details or the chronological order of some facts, but generally I end up being able to plaster page after page with quite faithful testimonies of my experiences.

Plus, if you feel like being even more creative, why don´t wrap your notebook in some cool paper of fabric?


I hope you forgetful pals also take action against forgetfulness and you enjoyed this post. Thank you for reading.

Vang Crafts


One response to “Remember?

  1. Una manera de dejar reflejado tus escapadas, excursiones o vacaciones. Para no olvidar momentos entrañables e inolvidables. Me gusta. Sigue dandonos ideas.

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