I wanna love you

You may consider yourself an eager traveller, you may be a bold tourist. There´s something linking you both, though – As soon as you have reached your destination an invincible force pops up, growing inside your guts, like a crave. It leads your hand wherever your smartphone is (pockets? These bulky dudes won´t fit even in XXXXL jeans pokets!) and you have no alternative but to show everyone on your contact list where you are. Pic sent, pic sent, now horizontal, now vertical, now the landscape, now with sunglasses. Stopppppp!!!! Stop please! You would yell, cause you know you are acting tediously. Plus, what is left to say and show when you´re back home?

Then, if you´re sort of nostalgic, you might remember those paper friends, those postcards. You know what? I´m not surprised people stopped sending them. Have you realised how old the pics are and how cheesy and ridiculous their coulours look like??? You have never been in that place they show! Not worth the price they ask for them. They can keep ageing in the souvenirs stalls for god.

Only then, and only if you´re a traveller and didn´t plan to clog your time with follow-the-crowd sightseeing, you would get hold of some paper and a pen, and start gathering the essence, the stuff that features the place where you are. You may start by condensing and sketching all the meaningful sights and moments with simple drawings, one next to the other, and don´t mind if a muffin is bigger than the Titanic,

because that´s how Griébal feels to me, and that´s how Belfast feels to me.


They two drawings will always be more accurate than any postcard you´ll ever found in those places!

You can then make copies and send them as postcards, per email or, yes, take a pic with that smarphone of yours! Your dear whoever is going to feel curious and have tons of questions about your stay. Why on earth is “Free Willy” featuring a village in the Pyrenees?

If you spend some time playing with the new postcard you may colour it, perhaps like this!


These two postcards were drawn to show places I loved, to remember moments I will hardly forget, to be shared. But… what if you find yourself in a place that… for some reason… is hard to love?

If I haven´t written in such a long time is cause I emigrated. I started a new life in a new place months ago. Though it is not all painted black,  I can´t help feeling I don´t get along with this new environment. I had never felt so fed up with simply a place in my whole life.

It would be just too easy to point the city with my finger and say “You mean stupid geographical location…!” – Nosense.

That´s why I decided to change my feelings towards the soil I walk on these days and convinced myself that my new hometown must be enjoyable. What have I enjoyed at some point up to now? where did I laugh? what was surprising? what was worth seeing/touching/eating?

Good news: I have almost filled the blank in less than 15 minutes.


After all, there are tons of things why it is worth being here.

Nevermind if you are not that good with pencils. Do a list instead! Just don´t forget to look on the bright side 😉

Thanks for seeing!






One response to “I wanna love you

  1. Me parece una idea fantastica ! Plasmar en una hoja todas las experiencias o detalles de algo vivido.
    Lo intentaré hacer, espero que me salga tan bien.

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