Facing No-my-Home troubles

You can figure out what kind of history this pic has behind if you have ever lived in a stopgap. Then no doubt you must have faced this oxymoron: I don´t repare and fix broken stuff of this house because I am not gonna allow a single day to pass before moving out!!!! eeeeh… well, who knows when, though?


We can be looking for the point of buying or sewing curtains, of finding a chest of drawers for a room on a good 4th floor without elevator, of dealing with the inexplicable gap between the door and the floor, and where on earth come all these ants from?? for ages, but the only thing crossing your mind is “Why did I decided to move into this wreck!?”

You can convince yourself for a while that it is not that bad and you will find somewhere better soon. Suddenly you realise you have spent IN there almost a year, and fuzz and dust of all brands keeps on coming into your place through that door gap, which makes you use the hoover more often than wanted. The missing curtains let the sun wake you up at 7 on Sunday and moths pop up around your exposed clothes laying on cheap shelves.

Alright, what can we do about it? Mind you, we have no car to go to Ikea, no chance to bring stuff with us when leaving, no money to be wasted. We won´t buy tools to be used just once. Besides, oh poor tenant, dare to drill a single hole if you want the landlady to give us a veeery bad time.

One of my No-Home inconvenients is the dirt, which comes from the construction opposite my flat, that heaps between the wall behind my window and the heater every time I want some fresh air. There´s no human way to clean it!

Possible solutions:
1. Opening the window prohibition = stuffy air forever

2. Covering the heater with some cloth = wash it regularly, not easy to stay fixed

3. A Shelf 🙂 = I could use it  as a shel factually, clean it easily with a humid cloth or tissue, prevents warm air from moving upwards to the ceiling too quickly (I´m short, I need it down!)

Next step: materials, tools, installation? Remember: spend as little money and time as possible is the only way! A time journey back to our Technology lessons in high school should be enough to gather a coupe of useful clues: wood has to be cut, plastic smells funny when you warm it up – and melts too! Cardboard can´t be washed. Glue is only that good in adverts – and of course zero nails. We have some school scissors, kitchen knives, matches and lighters, thread for loose buttons… Enough! who needs more?

And there it goes, once and for all! the doormat which saved my air quality being operated to turn into a shelf:

pageThe hairy side isolates the warmth and the plastic surface upwards can be easily cleaned! Cork may have worked as well.

Hope you now spend an afternoon or two fixing your temporary place the cheapest and easiest way soon.




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