Deep Pan Christmas Tree

The story goes that the kitchen of our gorgeous villa in Malone Road was loaded with pizza boxes – main staple of a good 90% of the guys living there by that time. Nobody was really in recycling those bulky piles of cardboard on the way to the university, with their greasy patches and pepperoni scent. Some of us, namely the ones who wouldn´t eat pizza nine times out of ten, got tired of the smelly skyscrapers and tried to find a solution. No, taking the rubbish out was not a possibility! What else can one do with tons of pizza boxes?

What about a comfy sofa? That would had suited the teenage mutant ninja turtles´ home somehow, but we had enough sofas in our livingroom. Plan B: do we know any pizzasamurai in need of a new armour? Nope.

Luckily Christmas was coming and our spacious livingroom still had enough room for a Christmas tree among the scattered socks of Ian and Kelsey´s knitting stuff. Our scarce money was to be spent on basic needs such as pints of Smithwick´s and more pizza – that´s why buying a tree, even a tiny one, was out of the question. Then I recalled those school woodcrafts consisting of two identical pieces put together by cuts in each of their vertical axes. Exactly, this kind of 3D stuff:

Now turn it into a big luscious emerald tree. We just needed some paint, tape, cutters, free time and the boxes. There we go!


Mind you, pizza boxes from take aways are multi layered, thicker and, consequently, better for structures. Our poor tree was too thin to stand still itself, but a problem would not be called problem if there were no solutions! That is why it ended up decorating a corner. Done!

Home (10)

It looked even better that way 🙂

Thanks for seeing.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a craftful New Year!!



One response to “Deep Pan Christmas Tree

  1. La Navidad se encuentra en todos los sitios y cosas.
    Viva el RECICLAJE con mayúsculas.
    Me gusta.

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