About Vang

Vang is a humble display of what I make with hands and simple things out of creativity.

What you find in Vang are samples of problem-solving processes that began in my imagination, curiosity, questions in need of being answered. That´s the spirit. I wish anyone could be able to face creative stimula by giving a response – insead of repressing it under I don´t know how to or I´m too bad at it mantras. Second life is also part of Vang´s anthem. I Reuse, recycle, recraft as often as possible – Looking for the alternative uses of simple things is not so hard.
A little bit of training through a leisurely approach is truly benefitial: some experience in solving creative problems makes your self-confidence grow and enables you to become more resourceful. In the long run problem-solving is needed in relationships, career, self-development and any other aspect of life.

My name is Victoria Gastón and I am not an artist. Although I have received training in Arts – especially in sculpture and image, I´m not interested in techniques. Apart from working in the field of applied resilience, I am a qualified recreational activities instructor. Resilience can be developed from creativity since it is one of its core values. I am especially interested in creativity applied to arts because it is a field that enables you to take risks, train and develop creativity in a relaxed way.

All pictures are mine – In the event I need to borrow someone else´s pictures I´ll gladly share the font.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy it.